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Get the entire Fractured Minds Series Box set at this unbeatable price!

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kate Allenton

About these Ebooks:

Immerse yourself in the thrilling Fractured Minds series where an elite covert FBI Unit uses supernatural abilities to help track serial killers.

Begin with the gripping first book, "Stalked Justice," where Lucy must outwit both relentless serial killers and the very FBI team she assists.

Follow Lucy's pulse-pounding journey as she becomes the ultimate bait, defenseless against cold-blooded murderers. Each book will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Stalked Justice 

Trapped in a deadly game, Lucy Bray fights for her freedom and her life in this heart-pounding supernatural thriller.

After shooting the man who kidnapped her sister, Lucy Bray is confined to a psych ward, stripped of her freedom. She has no way of knowing when or if she’s getting out—until the FBI comes calling in need of her unique skills and offers up a chance at redemption.

But there's always a catch, and this one makes her a pawn in a deadly game that puts both her freedom and her life on the line.

With an ankle tracker and defenseless against a cold-blooded murderer, Lucy is now the ultimate bait.

She’ll need to confront her fears, outsmart a ruthless killer, and try to make it out alive. Easy, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Find out in this heart-pounding supernatural thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

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Read what readers are saying about the series:

"A storyline that is sheer genius."

"I loved this book!"

"I was blown away!"

"I couldn't put it down."

Start your heart-pounding journey today and dive into this captivating series!




An elite covert FBI Unit that uses supernatural abilities to help track serial killers.

Book 1- Stalked Justice
Months ago, I almost killed the man who kidnapped my sister, and now the FBI wants me to do it again.

A serial killer is striking at the height of spring break, and the FBI has only one lead—all of the dead women were left to look like me.

I’m the FBI’s last resort to track this deadly predator by using my special abilities.

Only this time, I’m tethered with a tracking device to watch my every move, and without weapons at my disposal.

Not to mention the FBI intends to use me as bait.

The only question left is whether I can outsmart the killer and survive when my name is sitting at the top of his hit list.

Book 2- Killing Justice

Weapons expert in the covert supernatural military division, Carson Tines returns home after his latest mission and discovers five bodies being pulled from the lake behind his home. For years he’s been tracking the unusual disappearances, but there’s one ID that he doesn’t need DNA to confirm. His father; the town drunk. With his new team on the case and his brothers at the top of the suspect list, Carson is willing to dredge up deadly lies and past hurts if it means keeping his brother’s out of jail and losing the only family he has left.

Book 3- Hunting Justice

Lucy Bray has tracked enough killers to know that saving innocent lives sometimes means doing whatever it takes. So, when a mock hostage training exercise goes sideways, and Lucy comes face to face with a new killer, there’s no question—the rules of this game have changed.

Lucy is the new innocent in need of saving, and this killer isn’t playing pretend. This is one game of winner takes all that she refuses to lose.

Book 4- Stolen Justice
A killer lurks in the shadows waiting to strike.

As a teenager, Ford Rain fought with his seven-year-old sister and left her in the tree-house alone to spend the night. The family woke the next morning to find her gone- without a trace.
Twenty-one years later, during Ford’s visit home his sister’s shallow grave is found. Now he and the team must hunt down the monster responsible. And he’s not leaving until justice is served.

Book5- Hacking Justice
After being caught in the midst of an illegal hack, IT Specialist, Sam Zachman is required to join a special FBI team charged with tracking and stopping serial killers. The deal was just too good to be true. When a hack goes horribly wrong, leaving three of his friends dead, he has no choice but to turn to the only person he trusts, even if she isn’t mentally stable enough to help.

As the last hacker left standing, he and the team of hunters will have to work off the books to unravel the clues and stop a new faceless serial killer threatening millions of lives.

Book 6- Broken Justice
What's a woman to do when a psychotic killer has targeted her as the ultimate prize?

When FBI Special Agent Noah Roth recruited Lucy from a psych ward, he didn’t think she was crazy. She was something much more dangerous: An accomplished stalker. And those skills will be handy when it’s time to get back to basics.

Lucy’s current prey, a psychotic killer who left a terrifying blood bond in her mind, is hunting too close to home. Taking his life would make Lucy normal again, as normal as can be expected, but would killing her prey leave her whole again?

Book 7- Guarding Justice
Lucy Bray’s life is changing. Her supernatural assignments have taught her to adjust quickly to anything life throws her way. When a battered little girl shows up on her doorstep, Lucy has no other option; she must forge another blood connection to save the child’s life. With the shared connection, and a killer looming in the shadows, Lucy is thrust into the fight of her life.


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