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This includes books 1-6 of the Hex Sister Cozy Mystery series!



📣 “A Great Paranormal Witchy Who-Done-It!” 

📣Loved It!” 

📣"Finding answers to who you are!"

📣"Who's the daddy!"

📣Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, and Humor!"

📣“Totally Unexpected”

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Secrets, Mistrust, and Lies.

Toil and trouble are more than just words that follow the Hex Sisters around; they’re a promise.

Three witch sisters are learning about love, life, and each other while navigating death omens and murders in a new mysterious town.

Sometimes learning spells and chasing killers is just as dangerous as opening their hearts. These sisters will risk it all to uncover the truth of what really happened to the men and women who share their DNA before they also succumb to the same fate.

Start this cozy mystery series today!


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BOOK 1. Witch Unleashed

Toil and trouble are more than just words on Venture Island; they’re a promise and there is nothing more deadly than a wicked witch with a grudge.

When a notoriously wicked witch dies, and someone starts pointing fingers at my father, walking away is no longer an option when the suspects and motives start multiplying.

I keep this supernatural island resort running smoothly. I smile at the complaining guests and accommodate their weird and unusual needs. It’s my job. I’m the glue that keeps my brother and dad from feuding and scaring the others away.

I’ve ignored my curiosity and the pull to explore the rest of the world for far too long. Twenty-four more hours and I’ll wipe the fake smile off my face and set sail for my first off-island vacation.

But my plans change when the unimaginable happens...

A notoriously wicked witch dies, and someone starts pointing fingers at my father. Walking away is no longer an option with the suspects and motives multiplying.

All that matters is proving Dad’s innocence and I’ll use every trick in my super sleuthing book to help.

BOOK 2. Witchy Trouble

Tess Venture inherits her grandmother’s inn, prompting her to leave the island for the first time and find her place in the world. With the promise of uncovering answers of her witchy origins and meeting sisters she never knew existed, she arrives in the sleepy unfamiliar town and soon discovers that her grandmother’s inn is even stranger than the island Tess left behind.

Tess stays in the monstrous house the town people believe should be demolished, taking care of people she doesn’t know for a woman she’s never met. She’s required to make good on guest obligations she didn’t even make before any answers about her family are revealed.

When the first death omen appears before she’s even unpacked her suitcase, all clues point to mysteries surrounding her grandmother’s death, where, just like everything in this town, nothing and no one seems as they appear and a killer is walking free.

BOOK 3. Witch Bait

Nothing is more deadly than a wicked witch with a grudge.

When Georgia, the first of Tess’s sisters, finally shows up to claim the antique shop she inherits, a dead witch is discovered inside.
To unmask the killer they’ll have to outsmart him.
Outmaneuver him.
Out-spell him.
Only one problem stands in her way—Tess isn’t trained to fight like a witch.

You’ll adore this cozy mystery, watching Tess and her sisters on a magical journey to catch a killer while trying to juggle relationships and daily problems.

BOOK 4. Deadly Ties

A mischievous ghost. A family secret. Cryptic, unsolvable clues. Just another mystery in the life of Cree Blue.

Cree Blue doesn’t play by the rules, not when it comes to the people she loves. Other people’s opinions have never factored into her decisions. She’s kind of stubborn like that.

When tragedy strikes close to home and threatens the very fabric of her personal Zen, she’s determined to solve the mystery. With a little help from her friends and an unruly ghost, she needs to find the killer and fast. When the clues start disappearing, and it turns into a race for the truth, she dusts off the running shoes she’s been saving for a zombie apocalypse to get the answers they all need, even if this is one mystery better left unsolved.

"Once again another fantastic story. Loved the little twists & turns & surprises along the way."



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