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Romantic Suspense Collection

Romantic Suspense Collection

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Explore two captivating Romantic Suspense series where passion and secrets intertwine in an intoxicating dance of desire and danger.



  • Arranged Marriage
  • Undercover Operation
  • Drug Lords
  • Deadly Secrets
  • Fake Identity
  • Meddling Mother-in-Law
  • Race Against Time

Deadly Desire:

  • Eligible Bachelor
  • Professional Partnership
  • Mystery
  • Murder
  • Pretend Relationship
  • Forbidden Attraction
  • Dangerous Game

FBI Agent Lexi Carrington embarks on a perilous journey involving deception, deadly secrets, and a high-stakes arranged marriage. Drug lords seek revenge, a ruthless thief lurks, and a meddling mother-in-law complicates her mission to find a missing friend. As her cover unravels, Lexi must race against time to solve the case before becoming the next victim.

In book 2, enter a world where eligible bachelor Collin Martin grapples with a web of mystery and murder. Ex-girlfriends vanish, and Collin turns to Sarah Johnson, a professional tasked with keeping him alive. Their partnership means playing a dangerous game, posing as a couple while danger looms. As sparks fly, Sarah must navigate a treacherous path where a pretend romance could lead to destruction before the killer strikes.

Veiled Box Set: Sophie Masterson/ Dixon Security Series

A supernatural romance between a reluctant psychic and the skeptical cop assigned to the cold case files where the heat turns up on more than the investigation as they hunt for serial killers who got away with murder.

Follow psychic Sophie Masterson on her unusual journey as she finds her footing in love, life, and everything undead.

Do you enjoy fast-paced, captivating suspense with a dash of romance that keeps you turning the pages? You’ll love the Veiled Box Set. Download your copy today!


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