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If you crave fast-paced suspense intertwined with a touch of romance that keeps you hooked, the Veiled Box Set is a must-read. 

→ The dead are multiplying…

→ The clues are disappearing...

→ And now a killer wants to silence her.

💥 😍 Written by USA Today bestselling author Kate Allenton, The Veiled Series is a thrilling psychic romantic suspense series delivering all the feels.

📣 Here's what other readers are saying:

📣"Suspense and Romance. Loved it."

📣"Must Read Series!"

📣"Couldn't put it down."


Book 1 Lifting the Veil

I have a haunting secret.
One I can’t tell my family or friends without them locking me up in some loony bin.
So, for now, I remain quiet and pretend not to get visions or see the ghosts that are haunting me.
I pretend to be normal in this new boring job.
Until one day, I can’t.
And this time, there’s a witness.
Regardless of how sexy he is, he believes I’m certifiable.
And he’s right.

One-touch of a cold case file sends my life in a tailspin I didn’t see coming. One-touch was all it took, and now I have no choice.
The only way to stop the crazy is to solve what the police couldn’t.

In a case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever, I’ll have to find a killer before he finds me and makes my murder next on his list.


Click below to read the synopsis for the rest of the books in the series.  



Lifting the Veil:

In a case where the dead are multiplying, the clues are disappearing, and the hunky cop assigned to play babysitter is a nonbeliever, Psychic Sophie Masterson will have to find a killer before he finds her and adds her name as next on his victim list.

Beyond the Veil:

Who knows why the voices in my head went silent.

Maybe I had crossed a wire.
Or the other side decided it was time to punk me.
But the silence was ominous. After one week on the job, the dead stopped talking to me, my boyfriend wants me fired, and my boss wants me in his bed.
My dream job was turning into a nightmare, and at some point, I’ll have to find a killer before he strikes again.

Veiled Intentions:

Psychic, Sophie Masterson has been cheated on, lied to, and underestimated at every turn since she found out she had gifts. But her luck has finally changed. She has a family that loves her, a best friend that keeps her sane, and the one man who has always believed in her wants to date.

When the Pentagram killer strikes her local coven and fresh clues emerge on a case that has haunted her dreams, she'll stop at nothing to slay the demons and put the killer behind bars.

With coven members dying and the suspect list multiplying, it will be a race against time to unravel the clues and catch the killer before she gets sucked into his deadly game.

Veiled Threats:

Psychic Sophie Masterson’s best friend, Amber Cantrell is in for a world of hurt taking self defense lessons from a self-proclaimed permanent bachelor whose favorite pastime of flirting is as easy for him as hitting the target on a firing range.
Chicks dig danger, and he isn't afraid to use that to his advantage.

When Amber’s grandmother goes missing and her ex-stalker is released from prison, she'll play every hand up her sleeve, even if it means pretending to play house with the last man on earth she'd ever marry.

Helping Amber track down her grandmother is more than a mission for Aiden Monroe. It's a must. She’s best friends with his boss. Aiden’s taught her how to shoot, he's taught her how to defend herself, and it was only a matter of time before he’d teach her things beneath the sheets.

But finding Amber’s grandmother has put his seductive plans on hold but spending more time with his little protégé is tempting his final resolve.

Download today to find out if Amber can find save her grandmother and find her happily-ever after with a man that refuses to settle down.


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